Free Music Flashcards

Learn to Read Pitch -- and -- Increase your Speed

If you are just beginning to read pitches, or your music reading is a little slow-- we can improve it--and these free music flashcards will be helpful. I will show you how to work with these cards at our private lesson so that you will increase your reading speed and accuracy. Have no fear! If you have learned to read your written language, you will be able to learn to read music--absolutely!

Printing Instructions:

Each pairing of documents below will complete one set of your free music flashcards.

1. Open the first link and print the first page.
2. Open the second link, and turn your copy over to print the next page on the back.

This might take a few print jobs -- Simply because you have to figure out how your printer prints. Determine which side of the page is printed on -- and how do you need to feed your document into the printer for the second page to make sure that the answers will align on the backs of the flashcards.

Printable Flashcards:Violin: 1st Position

Violin: First Position Notes
Violin: First Position Fingerings

Violin: 3rd Position

Violin: Third Position Notes
Violin: Third Position Fingerings

Viola: 1st Position

Viola: First Position Notes
Viola: First Position Fingerings

Viola: 3rd Position

Viola: Third Position Notes
Viola: Third Position Fingerings