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Scheduling & Cost of Private Lessons, Group, & Recital

  • Private Lessons occur once per week at my Plano, Texas home studio. On average, there are 4 per month.  
  • $30 per 30 minute (most usual monthly average $120)
  • $45 per 45 minute (most usual monthly average $180) 
  • $60 per hour (most usual monthly average $240)
  • Suzuki Violin Students are encouraged to participate in Group Class which occurs once per month-- currently on Fridays or Saturdays.
  • For students who can enroll, Tuition for Group Class is $15 per month, non-refundable. (More information below.)
  • For students who can participate in recital, Recital Fee varies depending on recital space and other costs.  Estimated semester's fee ranges from $25--$50 per student, non-refundable. (More information below.)

More about Group Class & Recital

I hold monthly Group Class for my Suzuki students.  There are approximately four classes scheduled per semester.  

I organize two recitals per year:  One in early December, and the other in the middle of June.

Payments for these events are non-refundable.  If a parent discovers that their enrolled student must miss a Group Class or a Recital, the events are not cancelled. Other students meet for the class or recital.  Group Class is unlike a private lesson in that it is a shared cost for the entire group, similar to other group events like athletics.

Selecting a Lesson Length:

  • Think about Student's Age: Your student’s endurance level and age need to be considered when choosing a lesson length.  Some young students have had enough instruction at 30’ and don’t enjoy going beyond that length.  Others easily make it  45’ and even one hour with good attention.   Although you can choose whichever lesson length you think is best, I generally recommend 30’ lessons for students under 7 years,  or 45’ lessons for students 7 years and older.
  • Think about Student’s Book Level: In relation to book levels,  30’ lessons are great for students in pre-twinkle through the first half of book 1.  45’ lessons are best as students advance into the second half of Suzuki Book 1.  And, one hour lessons are most helpful for students advancing into Suzuki Book 4.
  • Think about Student’s Other Sources of Violin Education: If your child has passed their seventh birthday and the lessons are the primary source of musical training for your student, then it is usually best to plan 45-minute or one hour lessons.  The longer lessons allow more time for a thorough approach.  But, if violin lessons are taken as a practice aid in support of school orchestra assignments, then lessons can be effective at 30’.
  • Does Student have enough to Practice? The amount of individual practice time it takes students to complete their lesson assignment may also determine the best lesson length.  If students are practicing enough on a daily basis that they regularly run out of things to practice, then you may want to schedule longer lessons to cover more material at each lesson and increase the length of their assignments.
  • Think about Student's Goals:  Is your child already an active violinist and doing their best to improve their playing for auditions and chair placement tests?  If so, they likely have a lot of material with which they will want assistance.  In addition to learning their materials, these students often need time in their lesson to perfect their application of the fundamentals which create the presentation that is valued highly by orchestra directors and adjudicators.

Scheduling a Lesson Time

Please contact me if you wish to inquire about traditional or Suzuki lessons with me at my Plano, Texas  location and to set a lesson time. You can email me through the form provided on this website.   -- Barbara Stafford

Learn more about Taking Violin Lessons,  get to know more About Me.  Or, Contact Me to let me know about your student and their motivation to begin violin lessons.