Violin Lessons:
Benefits to Students of any Age

I can’t tell you how many adults upon finding out I play and teach violin tell me how they wish they had had access to learn to play the violin when they were young. They think I am the luckiest person in the world to have developed this skill. Although the primary appeal for those who want to play the violin and take lessons might be to fulfill a romantic or creative vision, violin lessons can also be viewed as practical for personal development in many ways.

Increase Awareness and Focus.

One on one guidance helps some students increase their awareness and focus on their current task. When left to themselves, many people don’t realize how much they zone out, become distracted by other thoughts, or don’t really listen and follow directions. A teacher is a directing conscious that helps bring them back to task. I believe that many students increase control over their attention and listening through private lessons study.

Receive Guidance.

Private Lessons also give students a chance to relate to an authority who is there just with them -- no class to keep under control-- increasing their satisfaction level because their particular difficulties are being addressed. Someone is paying attention to them and their questions-- one on one. This kind of relationship can increase their trust and willingness to cooperate with teachers towards their own best-interest.

Cultivate Interests & Ambitions.

Students are free to share their interests and ambitions while receiving guidance that helps them toward their goals. Having an “assistant” is a great feeling and builds a sense of well-being and confidence.

Growth in Character.

And here are some other opportunities for growth possible when studying an instrument:

  • Developing work ethic by keeping a practice routine,
  • Appreciation for long-run results, 
  • Setting reasonable goals and meeting them, 
  • Acting with social grace by being a positive and good sport,
  • Receiving direction and guidance, 
  • Operating from a self-constructive mindset, 
  • Developing assertiveness, 
  • Overcoming fear. 

Each student’s developmental needs are different, but these are benefits I have observed over the past twenty-five years that go beyond learning to play the violin. And, they have made me think that private lessons teachers can serve a variety of functions from guiding students towards excellence, providing a good influence, and increasing happiness, person to person.

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