Music Supplies
For Violinists & Violists

String players should not go for long without the music supplies listed below.

Music Supplies & Their Purpose

Music Stands aid to encourage lifted posture while reading music.

Tuners allow students to develop correct and consistent finger placement on an instrument that is in-tune.

Metronomes help students to play rhythms within an accurate time frame. Metronomes are also a tool useful for increasing tempo and breaking beyond speed barriers.

Rosin (tree sap)is applied to the bow hair by necessity -- no quality of sound is possible without it.

Shoulder Rests help to establish proper posture and reduce the burden of lifting the instrument.

Cleaning Materials are used to wipe away the rosin that accumulates on the instrument body and strings.

Strings need to be replaced at least once per year--sometimes more often. Some rental companies will replace old strings without charge -- but please check in with your rental company to find out their exact policies.

Mutes are sometimes required in music for timbre effects. Heavier duty forms of mutes can be used to reduce the amount of sound so that a student can practice without disturbing other family members.