Suzuki Violin Method

I have a few openings in my studio I am holding for parents who are interested to be part of a special experience for themselves and their young children ages 5--8 years.

My most recent training is in the Suzuki Violin Method.  Suzuki Method was designed to teach very young children violin.  The method involves an educational triangle between teacher, parent, and child.  As part of that triangle, a parent receives some violin training before the student’s lessons begin. 

After completing this initial violin training, parents are ready to be their child’s practice partner.  As a practice partner, parents attend lessons to understand the practice routine for their child so that they will be able to guide their child through the practice points at home. 

Suzuki Method recommends 7 days a week of practice. Sometimes this ideal does not fit in with family schedules, so I recognize when 4-5 days per week is more doable for parents with a busy schedule.

Parents who love the learning process, seeing their children’s abilities expand, and who love being a part of their child’s education are likely to love Suzuki Violin Training at this age.

Please Contact me through email if you are interested!  And view more information about Suzuki Violin Method on my Suzuki Lessons page.